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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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so that it never happens again. >> i'm on the bob ehrlich team. >> reporter: political consultant, julius henson, at this complaint. filed in court by doug gansler, alleging 112,000 robocalls, made on election night, by henson's company, universal elections, violated the consumer protection act, by failing to disclose the required information about who made this robocall, to registered democrats, hours before the polls closed. >> i'm calling to let everyone that governor o'malley and president obama have been successful. we're okay. relax. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> this is with the intent to suppress voter turnout. much like literacy tests and poll taxes in the past, we do not tolerate this type of behavior in maryland. >> reporter: gansler's complaint asks for a fine of $168 million against henson,
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his company, and a coworker, ronda russ -- rhonda russell, who worked for bob ehrlich. >> we had no reason to believe that bob ehrlich had any knowledge that these calls were put out or that he had any knowledge of the contebts of these -- content of these calls. so bob ehrlich is not at this point nor in the future a potential defendant here. >> maryland's attorney general says he is hoping at this point that this civil suit will be tripled by a judge. he says it does not rule out in any way, a maryland state prosecutor, or the baltimore attorney or the prince george's county, city state's attorney for filing criminal charges. back to you. >> all right, derek, thank you. we have not been able to reach joe or his attorney for comment today. near miss. a bomb shipped from yemen to the u.s. would have exploded over the east coast.
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that's what authorities-- if authorities had never found it. charlie d'agata works for wjz, with more on forensics. >> reporter: british police say an air mail bomb from yemen was designed to explode over the united states. investigators say the device exploded was diffused with just three hours to spare. it was hidden in a printer cartridge and packed on a plane, bound for chicago. >> reporter: forensics teams from scotland yard say they had determined if the bomb had exploded, it would have been 10:30 a.m. british time. that was 5:30 in the morning on the east coast. >> reporter: the plane would have been over the eastern sea board of the u.s. investigators think al qaeda is responsible for the bomb found in britain and another found in dubai. saudi-born ibrahim hassan allah siree is believed to be the one.
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transport officials are now banning toner cartridges at britain's airports, even in hand luggage. u.s. authorities say both printer bombs were wired and attached to syringes, set to detonate packaged explosives inside. the fbi is warning cargo companies across the u.s. to double check any package with no return address or excessive postage. in london, charlie dad d'agata, -- charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> al qaeda in the peninsula is claiming responsibility for the bombs bomb and is -- bombs and is vowing to send more. police say they have found two bodies inside. denise is in the newsroom with more on this developing story. denise? >> reporter: well, kai, investigators are not releasing any information about the victims. and they still don't know what the building they were found in was used for. the building was once a paint business. firefighters were called to the
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building around 9:30 this morning. 60 firefighters were able to bring the flames under control. and after a careful search, the two bodies were found inside. the victim's cause of death is unknown. >> the cause of the fire also remains under investigation. tragic triple shooting. a teenager killed halloween night in baltimore county. two others hurt. tonight, police say they have the shooter in custody. dakwan burkes and two other teens were shot in hal thorpe. 16-year-old burkes died. the other teens are expected to survive. now, police have charged 17- year-old sterlin matthews of west baltimore, with first- degree murder. and in anne arundel county, police have asked this man to come forward. he is wanted for a rape in laurel. the victim was attacked monday, while taking out her trash in the 8100 block of scenic meadow drive. if you have any information on the suspect, call police, 410- 222-3750. new fallout tonight for a
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multimillion-dollar settlement. over kickbacks and unnecessary procedures. the feds may not be done investigating the scandal. wjz is live at the hospital in towson. mike hellgren has more on the possibility of criminal charges. mike? >> reporter: that's one topic on which the u.s. attorney would not elaborate. tonight, though, what he is saying about this case. and the imbact -- impact of the settlement, on the hospital, patients and one of its former doctors in particular. >> reporter: st. joseph medical center will pay $22 million to the feds. part of a settlement, where the government claims the hospital paid kickbacks to mid-atlantic, cardiovascular associates in exchange for the referrals. but that settlement is notable for what it does not include. and that's a deal to stop it. >> i'm going to want to make sure, if i give you that amount of money, i want you to guarantee me that you're not going to prosecute me crunlly. criminally. here the answer was no, we're
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not going to guarantee you that. everybody in this chain could go down. and you never know where these cases are going to go. >> reporter: here's what the u.s. attorney told wjz about the possibility of criminal charges. >> only resolution here is civil liability. no promises as to settlement matters. >> reporter: the stents placed by dr. mark medei. he strongly denies any wrongdoing. he filed his own lawsuit against st. joseph. >> three cardiologists were whistle blowers for the government settlement at st. joseph. their lawyer, on moving forward. >> they're certainly ready to cooperate with the government on whatever next steps the government wants to take. but that's up to the government. >> reporter: right now, no one has been criminally charged as a result of this investigation. >> will this go on for a while? yes. yes. should everybody play it safe and get lawyered up? yes. yes. >> reporter: the hospital did
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not admit any liability in the settlement. it says it has taken new safeguards to ensure things like this don't happen. and it will cooperate fully with any investigation. reporting live from towson, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> st. joseph and dr. medei also face more than 100 lawsuits lawsuits lawsuits from stent patients. this does not move it -- prevent it from moving forward. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods are tracking the fall warmup. and what a beautiful shot of the city. >> it's been a fantastic week. it has been dry and sunny and delightful. take a look at radar. zero. there were a few clouds along the coastal course. but they're pretty much gone now. looks like this same weather pattern will continue into and beyond the weekend. for a look at what we expect tomorrow, bernadetteed woos joins -- woods joins me. >> that's right. as bob was saying, this is going to continue. take a look at this.
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we are wedged between two storms. for us, high pressure continues. temperatures creeping up. and we're back in the 60s tomorrow afternoon. we'll have a full forecast coming up shortly. for now, back inside. spam. that's on the menu for thousands of passengers stranded on a california-bound cruise ship. kendis gibson is tracking the rescue for wjz from san diego. >> the disabled splendor is being slowly towed to san diego. and the passengers on board are making the best of a tough situation. >> a spokesman says guests have been very understanding, playing cards, listening to acoustic music, and dancing. a scavenger hunt has been for kids. limited cell phone service has come back. thanks to help from the u.s. military, the food situation has improved. although not exactly fancy. spam, pop-tarts and crab meat.
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if the weather cooperates, splendor will arrive here in san diego port around midday thursday. carnival is promising to have flight and hotel reservations for all of the passengers. >> the splendor lost power when a fire broke out in the engine room. but the giant cruise ship was left dead in the water. more than 4,000 passengers and crew had no air conditioning or food. to make sure everyone remains safe, a coast guard cutter is shadowing the 952-foot ship. passengers will get a full refund and free ride on a future carnival cruise. the cause of the fire is under investigation. kendis gibson, cbs news, san diego. the coast guard says a mexican company has sent a third tugboat to the scene. the nfl announces a decision on the alleged spit being decision. mark viviano joins us with a
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verdict. no punishment for ravens running back le'ron mcclain. it found no conclusive evidence to support discipline. here's a look at what they were looking at. channing crowder claims the ravens purposely spit on him. it's an accusation that mclane has repeatedly denied. he, too, was consulted in the league investigation. again, no punishment for le'ron laron mclane. they traveled for a game against the falcons tomorrow night. i'll have more coming up. >> baltimore county police are saying about an officer who got an autograph from ray rice. the new look of lighting up. oriole park at camden
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yards. had one thing in mind when designing it. you, the fan. i'll show you what to look forward to next. perfection in november? bob says it will stick around but how long? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cop cleared. baltimore county police say their officer went by the book when he warned ray rice the windows on his suv were too dark. rice tweeted he gave the officer an autograph, but later insisted that came after the warning. still, this incident has many wondering about window tinting, what's legal and what's not? >> reporter: at dnl window tinting in parkville, about a dozen cars a day get their windows darkened. but how dark is too dark?
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>> 50% is 100% legal. 35% puts you about an eye lash over the legal limit, with the dye that is already in the car. 20% is equivalent to what comes on the back of an suv from the factory. 5% is limo film. >> reporter: ray rice was warned about the dark tint on his range rover. >> i must get my windows fixed because they are too dark. >> reporter: this is the legal amount that windows can be tinted in maryland. it's 35%. and this is an example of a front window on a truck that are too dark. >> reporter: getting tinting corrected can cost hundreds of dollars. curtis hill is trying to get it right with his mercedes, knowing he's close to the limit because the car already has tinting from the factory. >> i want to make sure it's legal. it's expensive. i want to get the right tint the first time. >> police are focused on the front windows, not the back window.
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those, according to dnl can be any level of darkness. officers want to be able to -- to see the driver and get inside. two accidents now that are pretty serious and have roads blocked. the first one still working on 100. that's going to be in the eastbound lanes. still closed between 110 and katherine. you'll also want to take an alternate. second crash. this one blocking 75. take clark road instead. in randalls town, there is a new accident. two in the city, east charles and mlk. an accident there, base at plat. and another on nursery road at 295. one more accident. this one in annapolis. west street. also, watch for typical 50 westbound delays between route
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boulevard and the severn river bridge. there's a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. 28 miles an hour on the top side now. between 95 and 83. that is your slowest spot. taking a live look outside. still pretty jammed there. there's a look at the top side, at dulaney valley. there's a look at 95. again, 95 is slow from eastern avenue to the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by hh greg. hh greg has over 100 flat panel tvs. watch the latest from hh greg. price and advice, guarantee. back over to you. >> sharon, thank you. since 1995, sales of the miracle ties have resulted in over $800,000 in donations for the benefit of the johns hopkins children's center. this morning, joseph a. banks clothiers presented a check for
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$50,000 from hopkins for last year's sales. at this time ties are $59.99, and can be purchased at joseph a. bank. the ties are designed by young patients. this was designed by 18-year- old vashon duval. very nice pattern here. >> and bob, you have one, too. looks nice. >> mine is called snow tie by madison. 7 years old. very pretty tie. as mentioned, you can get this at your bank. >> i'll tell you what, the quality is great, too. they're beautiful, beautiful ties. great cause. take a look at the weather. beautiful weather continues. what a great weather pattern we're stuck in here. take a look at temperatures. 60 degrees now. north winds at 6. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at the end of the week and into the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the chevy malibu was designed to catch the eye... but great design is also what you don't see. like dependability, a one-hundred thousand-mile, five-year powertrain warranty
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and being named a consumers digest best buy three years running. it's easy to see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at those, friends, are the blue ridge mountains. looking west from baltimore. yes, on a clear day, you with see frederick county, portions of northern virginia.
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that far west. they're about 1800 to about 2400 feet above sea level there. the catoctin mountains. that's the first ridge you get to before you get to the appalachian mountains. lose take a look at the rockies. 60 degrees. but they doo impact our weather. really do. 54 in oakland. 63 in cumberland. ocean city at 54. 59 in hagerstown. beautiful afternoon. continues dry. dew points still low. at 40 degrees. winds now continue to be generally out of the north. so we're not getting a really warm west or southwest or southerly wind. but it's certainly beautifully pleasant conditions. 6 miles-mile-an-hour wind here. only 13 at d.c. everybody else, very light winds. out to the west of us, this area of low pressure over southern manitoba, trailing a
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little cloudiness over portions of louisiana. out west, kind of a complex area of low pressure, causing snow up here in mont mont. a lot of snow in portions of utah, nevada, idaho. all of this is pretty much staying that way. it's heading to the northeast. and because of that, ahead of that, mild air continues to flow into the eastern half of the united states. it's been a lot warmer west of the mountains and here. we started this northwest wind, high pressure continues to dominate which means dry air, sinking air. out to the west. a few will build. behind it, winds go more to the southwest. temperatures here close to 70 in some spots. we'll see maybe mid-60s, perhaps by the weekend. just beautiful weather continuing. on the bay tomorrow. light east wind. sunrise. sets at 4:56. clear skies. upper 30s.
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pretty close to normal, which is 36. tomorrow, a lot more sunshine. just like today. maybe a tad cooler with the northeast wind. tomorrow's high, 58 degrees. a very beautiful normal november day. love it. soebrate, too. more changes headed to camden yards. now their park is getting a makeover. weijia jiang has more of the renovations. diners say next opening day, the changes won't be drastic, but they will make you feel a lot more comfortable. it's not that there's a problem with the seats at camd know yards. >> i always like ball games versus football games because you can actually spread out some. it's just that there's a
5:25 pm
problem? who wants to be uncomfortable? you could be uncomfortable on your couch, watching it. >> markakis will score. >> reporter: crews are working on $1.5 million worth of renovations to replace the railings. sliding 6.34 inches. is this soon, the average joe fan will have more access and more options. >> just sort of little viewing decks, little platforms, if you will. where we can do bar stools, tables. >> reporter: many are looking forward to sitting in these new seats. maybe the best news is, the stadium had already set money aside for this project. >> reporter: with bigger seats, the number of them will decrease by 2300. making the station size more on par with those in d.c. and philly. combined with a team that is finally showing some promise.
5:26 pm
game goers hope they'll have much more company on opening day. >> maybe give us all a new, fresh outlook. and be ready to get behind them like we should. >> and the city's department of public works has to give a final stamp of approval to all of the plants next week. but folks here at camden yards are not anticipating any problems. we're live in downtown baltimore tonight. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, weijia. in the past decade, attendance at orioles games has decreased by about 2 million people. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. a father's breaking point. >> i'm telling you this. anything. [ bleep ] >> a florida man learns his punishment for a school bus rant. struck hard. one private school still reeling after several brand new computers.
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i'm gigi barnett. details are coming up. ravens fans pay $40 to park in this public street. then end up with expensive tickets. i'm adam may, who is to blame ,,
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5:29. 60 degrees with a beautiful sunset. that's unbelievable. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight.
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a brazen crime. thousands of dollars in computer and music equipment are gone. gigi barnett explains, the school had just received a special grant to buy the items that were stolen. last week, this was a brand- new computer lab in northeast baltimore. computers, keyboards and speakers fill the room. today, it's a crime scene for city police. detectives now are looking for leads. any people of interest. anyone who saw or heard anything. >> reporter: detectives say sometime friday night, burglars smashed a classroom window, sphuk a computer upstairs and left the old computers behind. >> it seems so selfish. >> teacher lakona matthew says thanks to a grant, they had just finished setting up the
5:31 pm
lab two weeks ago. >> i also think it's someone who has been in this building before. because the building wasn't ransacked. looking at the possibility that this could be someone who is familiar with the school system. >> reporter: they also say thieves hit the music room. all of this equipment including computers cost more than $10,000. and for a school this small, that's a hard hit. >> this is like all done for a reason. it's like people reap what they sew. so if you do bad things, you're going to sew bad things. >> the school seas says it did not have an alarm system at the time. the school is accepting any donations that could help buy more computers. sentencing today for the man who pleaded guilty in the shooting that rocked frostburg state hast april. tyrone hall of glen burnie was sentenced to five years in prison for killing brandon carroll and wounding ellis
5:32 pm
hartridge. hall fire a shotgun at both men in what he claims as self- defense. they limited his jail time to just eight years. a a father curses students on a school bus, all because his daughter was being bullied. >> reporter: it was a story that gripped the attention across the country. a florida father takes matters into his own hands, after his daughter is teased and tormented. in september, he boarded a school bus and started cursing at students. he was arrested for disorderly conduct. his 12-year-old daughter suffers suffers from cerebral palsy and says students spat on her and made fun of her. >> i wish i could take it back. but at the same time, we woke america up. behind the closed doors, we don't know about bullying. but now it's at the forefront, we're on a mission. >> for the plea deal, he has to
5:33 pm
pay a fine, community service and take anger management classes. a parking debacle leaves ravens fans fuming. the city hands out more than $7,000 in parking tickets, even though fans paid for those spots. tonight, adam may gets answers from the organization accused of illegal parking. while they were beating them outside, dozens of people got tickets for $252, for parking angled, instead of parallel. >> i had no idea i was breaking the law. >> that's because he paid someone money for a spot that was legitimate. >> i assumed it was an organization that was renting the space out for the game. >> reporter: that organization is second chance, a nonprofit the owner tells wjz, if people were smart enough to know it was a public street, we would
5:34 pm
not have charged them. we had no idea that everyone would end up with tickets. >> reporter: the owner says they will stop selling these parking spaces. but that doesn't mean someone else won't try doing it again. >> we've run into them before. and we got a complaint and try to respond to them. >> they have no place to sell the tickets. >> got tickets. except for one car, which had fop tags. and he was three cars down from me. he didn't get a ticket. >> reporter: and the owner here of second chance did finally agree that he would reimburse each person who got a ticket, the original $40 they got on parking. but it's still up to the individuals to fight the tickets in court. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> city officials say if you suspect someone is illegally selling you parking, you should call 311. >> sometimes it is hard to tell. can you diss your boss on
5:35 pm
facebook and keep your job? >> the national labor relation board is defending a woman who says she was fired for dissing her boss on the negotiable network. the labor board hearing is set for january. members of the u.s. military are not american citizens. yet they have agreed to risk their lives for our country. suzanne collins reports they are being put at the top of a long waiting list. a special ceremony today on the uss constellation in baltimore. >> a dozen service members take an oath. people who agree to serve. even though they're not residents. >> i feel awesome. i feel really good. i'm a citizen now. i'm american. >> to me, americans have a good job, a family and a beautiful
5:36 pm
house. >> reporter: right now, noncitizens who serve do not get full veterans benefits. they can't seven as officers or in sensitive positions. >> i was going to serve as mp. but i couldn't get in because i'm not a citizen. no silt zenship. with this, hello,mps. >> reporter: there are three services around veterans day. >> this man came to the u.s. at age 4 from guatemala and served in the marines. >> never, ever, would i thought that i would be becoming a naturalized citizen on the constellation. >> i'm proud of him that he got his citizenship. >> and there were 12 service men and women from 10 countries today.
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good news the number of those seeking unemployment benefits dropped to an all-time low. dropped to 435,000. that's more than economists have predicted. if the decline continues, it could signal a real improvement in the job market. president obama is in a meeting with the biggest leaders. nerves are frayed. and there's finger pointing. much of it aimed at the united states. joel brown reports for wjz, from washington. >> reporter: it was all smiles and handshakes when president obama arrived. but tension is simmering in south korea. the federal reserves move to inject $600 billion into the u.s. economy. it has put president obama on the defensive. as this meeting of the world's 20 largest economic powers gets under way. he'll sit down with german chancellor angela merkel, and chinese president hu jintao.
5:38 pm
they have both been large critics, claiming the u.s. is trying to weaken the dollar, giving american goods an unfair advantage. >> the fed says it is not trying to weaken the dollar, just trying to shore up the sagging economy, trying to ease the tension. president obama wrote a letter, arguing that growth in the u.s. is in every country's interest. >> reporter: part of that growth comes from increased trade. while he's in south korea, the president is meeting with that country's leaders on a new free trade agreement. he's hoping to hammer out a deal before next week's white house session, with congress's newly empowered republicans. >> as the americans want the uncertainty to go away. so we can begin to create jobs in america. >> reporter: but the meeting with the gop could be calm in comparison to the economic hornets' nest at the g20. the president is trying to settle nerves and urge cooperation for the sake of the global economy. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news.
5:39 pm
>> after leaving south korea, president obama will wrap up his four-country tour in japan. he's due back in washington this weekend. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. an area veteran recalls george s. patton. and children and diabetes. and third round quarterback picks. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. nine weeks in the books, in the wjz pro football challenge. jessica kartalija is live at to update this week's standings. jessica, are you still up there as a bobblehead? >> reporter: somehow. it's like the station joke. incredibly, the same trio continues to dominate. sports director mark viviano continues to lead with 84 points. somehow i'm in second with 83. and meteorologist bernadette woods is in third with 82
5:40 pm
points. no surprise there. this week's winner, holly schnauffer knott. she predicted all 13 games correctly and came closest with the score on sundaya game. way to go, holly. you can still sign up to play. just click on the banner at the top of the home page. very easy. back to you. >> you make it look easy, jess. that's for sure. the ravens play on thursday night this week. they're in atlanta to take on the falcons at the georgia dome. it was car talk over at croissants this morning at the american visionary arts museum. that's where they held a breakfast get-together. the guest of honor was former driver, and current race analyst, derpec daly. the indy cars will hit it downtown next august. in front of an anticipated 100,000 people. and still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. convenience store hero. a wheelchair bound man defends
5:41 pm
a clerk. how it all played out. chaos in haiti. a cholera epidemic gets worse. where is the relief. i'm bob turk at the first warning weather center. more of this perfect fall weather on tap. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it
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a major traffic backup. captain mike perry is there with more. captain mike. chopper 13 is over a 395 at a three-car collision has considered at 395 between martin luther king boulevard and i-95. at this point, there was one person trapped in a sport utility vehicle. you can see it there. he was trapped for a short period of time. we are told he is a 50-year-old male. apparently two other people involved in the crash are also injured. now, fire department is still responding to the scene. and as you can see, 395 is still closed in its entiretying coming out of the downtown. the only way you can go from this point, which is right around hamburg street, is northbound on i-95.
5:45 pm
transportation authority police. as authorities conduct. we'll continue to follow it again tonight. we'll head over to meteorologist bernadette woods. for tomorrow, more of what we saw today. as we head through the afternoon, a lot of sunshine out there. we're going to top out in the low 60s once again. tomorrow night, we start to drop. and for the next of the five- day, here's bob. 60 or so on friday. mid-60s for the weekend. looks like a dry period with plenty of sunshine mary? if you have an older appliance, there is a way to save energy with it. experts say this works with
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most of the ones from 1990. cost about $30 to $60. expert says they can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. for more information on how you can be an energy saver, go to and click on our special section of the home page. the cholera epidemicked spreads to haiti's capital. there will be a surge of cases of the disease. so far, officials say the epidemic has sickened close to 10,000 people. continues -- conditions became worse. there are currently remote clinics set up to care for the patients. a riot gone wrong. in london, thousands became violent as they protest a huge tuition hike. several students started fires with police outside of government buildings. they're marching against a proposal that would triple their tuition fees.
5:47 pm
a scene in florida. a customer tried to pass a counterfeit bill. when she wouldn't give it back, he tried to attack her. a wheelchair-bound customer held him back. >> just because i'm in a chair doesn't mean i can't stand up and do something righteous or do the right thing. >> he's pretty incredible. the man was not taken into custody, because police deemed his assault minor. and the counterfeit bill could not be traced to him. however, the clerk did not think it made him any less of a hero. cash. the internet giant, is giving $1,000 bonus to its workers,
5:48 pm
along with a 10% raise. it is also placing a bow on top of the present by paying the texts on the extra cash. applications to google went through the roof today. denise is standing by. hypertexting teens. linking social networking and texting to dangerous behavior. i'm alex demetrick. using old techniques. check in for these stories and all of the breaking news. now back to kai and mary. and still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. ravens get ready for the falcons. mark looks ahead to the battle of the birds. ,,,,,,
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ravens are getting ready for a primetime show in hot- lanta. >> even their nicknames are
5:52 pm
similar. the ravens have joe cool. the falcons have mattie ice. and both hope to have the hot hand when they play on the same field for the first time tomorrow night. joe flacco and matt ryan came into the league the same year. the ravens were prepared to pick ryan, if they could. instead, they got flacco. and baltimore is happy for that selection. he's lived up to the billing. two seasons. he and ryan have compiled nearly identical. the contenders are perfect. >> i think one day maybe we'll look at it like that. but we're still young. this is the third year for each of us. and we're just out there each week, trying to play well. i mean, i know i'm not thinking too much about that. >> very big quarterbacks. you know, they both have all of the skills that lead their team to great heights. and obviously, both two of the younger quarterbacks in the league. we have a lot of respect for
5:53 pm
matt. >> and matt ryan's favorite target. roddy white, who has nearly 800 receiving yards this season. that's second most in the nfl. white has missed practice this week with a knee injury. but he says he'll be ready to face the ravens tomorrow night. and coming up next hour, plenty more football to kick around, including news of two former ravens who have been added to an enemy roster. who they are, and what they have to say about it ahead at 6:00. tonight's wjz healthwatch, the government is targeting smokers and potential smokers with an updated ad campaign. manuel gallegus reports, the new cigarette packaging is graphic and even disturbing. air a woman dying in bed, diseased lungs. a man having a heart attack. they are graphic new images, the president wants to put front and center on cigarettes. >> we wanted to make sure that every person who picks up a pack of cigarettes is going to know exactly what the risk is that they're taking. >> reporter: the government says every day in the u.s.,
5:54 pm
4,000 children try their first cigarette. she says the new warning labels probably won't help her. even when they show the commercials. people on their death bed are losing fingers. i found myself even more so wanting to get up and go smoke a cigarette. >> tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death. >> the new images could start appearing in advertisements and on cigarette packs late next year. once that happens, every single pack of cigarettes in our country will, in effect, become a mini billboard that tells the truth about smoking. many pack a day smokers hopes it's a message that gets through to teens. me for myself? i don't think so. but those about to start smoking, it might be helpful. the new warnings are part
5:55 pm
of a significant fda strategy. the tobacco industry is looking carefully at the new labels. some companies are already suing. because new warnings will shrink brand names to the bottom of the pack. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. the fda is giving the public a chance to comment on the 36 proposed images. nine will be selected for use. doctors say girls eligible for the hpv vaccine aren't getting it. hpv is the most common sexually transmitted disease among adolescent girls. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. paying up. saint joseph reaches an saint joseph reaches an agreement. ♪ ♪
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coming up. paying up. st. joseph ordered to pay up. what are the possibility of criminal charges? robocontroversy. scare in the skies. stunning revelations about the cargo bombs and how close they came to causing a major disaster. breaking news. a part of a major baltimore area highway shut down. a live update on the backup. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
inside the scandal. fallout from the st. joseph meae medical center and the charges. hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the government accuses the hospital of paying kickbacks and giving patients unnecessary heart operations. and tonight, they won't say whether the case is closed. denise, we'll boil it down very simply. this settlement did not give


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